2.2 Planning Foundation
2.2.1 Coverage and Capacity Target Confirmation
Before planning a network, you must confirm the network coverage and capacity target and relative specifications from carriers. They are specified as follows:
- Definition of coverage areas
- Specific division of the service quality in coverage areas
- Grade of service (GoS) at Um interface
- Prediction of network capacity and subscriber growth rate
- Available bands and restrictions on using bands
- Restrictions on base station address and the number of carriers
- Penetration loss in cars or indoor environment
- Performance and sensitivity of base stations
- Rules on base station naming and numbering
- Information of the base stations in the existing network
Engineers perform the network planning and guide the subsequent construction work according to the previous technical specifications. Because any change of these specifications will affect network construction, you must discuss these specifications with carriers and get their confirmation.
2.2.2 Performance Target Confirmation
Carriers emphasize much on the future network quality. Therefore, network planning engineers must judge the indexes concerning network performance according to construction difficulty and experience, and then cooperate with carriers to design a reasonable solution.
Generally, the performance of voice services can be judged according to KPI indexes. The KPI indexes vary slightly with carriers.
The mean opinion score (MOS) is divided into five levels.
- The call whose quality is above level 3 can access the mobile communication network.
- The call whose quality is above level 4 can access the public network.

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