8. WCDMA Network Management System 8.1 Overview

The concept of WCDMA Network Management System (NMS) construction is based on the TMN management framework, and later integrates the TOM theory presented by TMF. The building of 3G NMS is generally based on the 3GPP 32 series protocols. The following are some common NMS-related protocols:
32101-311 protocol: Describes the basic principles and requirements of 3G telecommunication management;
32102-311 protocol: Describes the 3G management framework;
32104-311 protocol: Describes the 3G performance management;
32105-311 protocol: Describes the 3G billing;
32106-301 protocol: Describes the 3G configuration management;
32111-301 protocol: Describes the 3G fault management;
33102-340 protocol: Describes the 3G security management (security framework);
33103-320 protocol: Describes the 3G security management (security guide);
According to the TMN management framework, the WCDMA NMS may be divided into the following layers: network element (NE) management layer, network management (NM) layer, service management layer and business management layer. The network management trends toward an overall multi-management-layer solution that addresses network management, the service management and the enterprise management.
No matter whether the solution considers the network management on a whole or by the management layer, our top priority is to pinpoint the management functions of each management layer, the information model and the standardization of the up/down inter-working interfaces, and gradually shift our research focus to upper layers. The upward shift of our focus will change the research mode. Generally, the TMN management framework is designed in a bottom-up manner, so a very stable suite of specifications is available for TMN at the NE management layer and the NM layer.
On upper management layers, the NMS enables operators and end users to carry out customized management. Network management is far more than simple network equipment maintenance and operation. In a broad sense, it also includes the network optimization, planning and decision management, service support management, customer service center and customer relationship management (CRM) under new business models.

This document introduces the basic knowledge of TMN and the basic concept of TOM, as well as the main service features of 3G NMS. As the NE device management and the networking model are crucial during early 3G network construction, this document also discusses the ideas for NMS construction on the equipment management layer.

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